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Anonymous asked:

"Heterophobia has never hurt anyone!" Physically, maybe not. But mentally, yes it can. I have seen people on here who are fucking terrified of being straight, because if you're straight, you're a lesser person. A friend of mine in Uni was verbally attacked because she was straight and said she would love to marry a girl friend of hers. You can't attack people for something and cry about the same thing happening to you. It's hypocritical. This whole site is.

Dear transphobic, cisphobic, heterophobic and homophobic people of tumblr



This futile argument is getting us nowhere. You don’t respond to oppression with oppression. This. Is. Not. Society’s. Only. Option.

You can’t talk about being oppressed if you oppress others. End. Of. Story.

And no, THAT statement was not just aimed at heterosexuals. I don’t care what gender you identify as. Hell, I don’t especially identify as a gender myself, I consider myself somewhere inbetween. As part of the LGBT community, most of us have felt oppression. YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS.

And yet, it is perfectly alright to hate people? To oppress them for being themselves? I’m sorry, but I m hearing two sides fighting over who is right, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE BOTH USING, AT A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL, THE SAME ARGUMENT. This makes no sense to me. It is about as futile and annoying as an argument that goes something like this:

Person 1: “I love raisins, they’re the best!”


Do..do you see the problem with that? Because I certainly do. All of you, homophobic, transphohbic, cisphobic, heterophobic are using the same argument.You are stopping people from being themselves. And frankly, this shouldn’t. Be. Allowed.

It is not alrightto hate someone for being homophobic or transphobic, but then proudly state that you hate heterosexuals or cis people. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

Everyone on this earth is equal. You are not better than anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, colour, or gender identity.

This has gone too far. I love this website, however, it angers me that it is becoming consumed by such hateful, bigoted people. Notice how I don’t specify who is bigoted? This is because both sides in this futile argument are generalising the others. 

People have committed suicide because of them being homosexual and transexual.

WE DO NOT WANT more people to commit suicide because they are straight.

For the love of all that is holy on this bloody earth, GROW. THE FUCK. UP.

With love,

A concerned member of tumblr.

Anonymous asked:

I'm actually confused about this. As far as it seems, it seems like Tumblr hates people for not being in the group of LGBT, and hate them even more for not being in it, but still supporting it. And then tell them to kill themselves because they are oppressors. I might be wrong, but isn't that completely against what they are trying to do, equality? This just seems very confusing, and it only seems to happen on Tumblr.

This has been bugging me


So naturally I’ll make a long post about it.
Transphobia is a more prominent issue than cisphobia.
However that doesn’t mean that cisphobia is justified.
“Oh well they’re bigoted and stupid! Every single one if them is out to kill non-binary people!”
You sound exactly like people who attempted to justify racism.
Hate and discrimination is not okay, no matter who it’s against.
Trans people go through five times the shit cisgender people could even begin to imagine.
That is sad, and needs to change.
But that doesn’t give you the right to bully someone or invalidate their opinions and arguments because of their gender.
Now quit arguing, hug it out and fight for equal rights.

You know you can go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong but if someone is cis-gendered I don’t think it should be considered ignorant or otherwise shitty if they use their genetalia to help identify with their gender.


I wanna start this out by saying that this is directed toward only the parties to which it applies. I hold no personal ire against any particular group of people, as I find prejudice to be infantile. You’re cis? That’s swell. Gay? Good for you. Transgendered? Trans-fucking-fabulous. I don’t want to catch any shit about how I’m “calling out the transgendered community” because of this. This shit just needs to stop, and I’m a big asshole so it’s just going to come off as harsh.

I saw some shit on here the earlier today where someone was off-handedly mentioning how this guy was basically an ignorant piece of shit because he referred to his testicles as his “manhood,” and that was wrong to say because balls dont equal man. I’m assuming the real message here is transgendered people who identify as men but don’t have the genetalia to indicate that don’t fall into this category, and thus the statement is incorrect.

Seriously just shut the fuck up. Stop picking on cisgendered people for how they identify with their own sexuality and gender. It’s so ironic that every gender classification other than cis gets to stand up on a soapbox and preach about how you can’t judge them for their way of identifying with their gender, yet if you’re a man mentally and one of your ways of identifying with that is by acknowledging the genitals you were born with that INDICATE your assigned gender, they are going to judge the fuck out of you and make you out to be some ignorant sack of shit all because you follow what they deem to be an “archaic” train of thought.

Look. Biologically speaking, it’s perfectly goddamn normal for a guy who identifies as a guy to look at his balls and go “my guy parts” and just roll with it. If he gets into a conversation with you and you just happen to be a transgendered individual, and it turns out he isn’t as ignorant as you originally thought, do you really think that fucker is gonna say something to indicate that because his balls help him identify with his gender, it should be the same for you? No, because he will recognize that there’s a fucking difference in the way the two of you identify with your gender.

If the transgendered community is going to demand that everyone accept and respect them for the gender they identify with, they better be prepared to and be fucking mature enough to behave in the same regard. Tumblr is so out of control with this prejudice against people who are just comfortable with themselves it makes me fucking sick.

And if it seems like I’m freaking out over nothing, just consider this the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is just one of a plethora of efforts made by this community to demonize cisgendered people (males in particular) to the point of social oblivion on this site.

Things are not going to get any better until you stop the hate.



I am pansexual genderfluid, leaning towards female. (If there’s another word for that, please educate me! I think I heard demi-girl somewhere…)

I have a boyfriend.

He is straight as a board, and 100% cisgendered.

And yet when I asked him if he would feel uncomfortable with me drawing us genderbent or as a gay couple together, he told me that I should have the freedom to draw whatever I want.

When I told him I wanted to start crossdressing, he told me I could have some of his old clothes that are too small for him. 

When someone tried to tell me that businesses should be allowed to refuse service to GLBTQ people, he came to my defense and debated with the guy until the offending person could no longer think of any responses but name calling. 

This list could go on and on. He is one of the most kind, accepting people I have ever met, and supports GLBTQ rights with a passion. 

So to those who proudly proclaim themselves heterophobic, can you understand why I am offended? Just as offended as when people proudly proclaim themselves homophobic? There are good people and bad people no matter the sexuality, gender, gender identity, race, etc. No-one should be proud to hate queer people. And no-one should be proud to hate cishet people. How about we just love and accept each other for who we are?

sorry this is a rant about cis/straight hate


i cant believe its come to the point that people have to post about cis and straight rights on tumblr

don’t trans and non-straight people know what its like to be picked on for simply existing? just because a few cis or straight people don’t accept you, that doesn’t mean they are all the same and all deserve your judgement bullshit

this is coming from a cisgendered, pansexual woman who thinks you should all spend your time fighting for your basic human rights instead of picking on your possible supporters because they are straight and/or cisgendered, you’re giving yourselves a bad name and i really just want to see you all get more human rights

christ tumblr please pull yourself together