Okay, about the Cisphobia post.


I posted that because I was frustrated. I see all these trans people calling cis people horrible, telling them to kill themselves. And that really ticks me off, I have been on the internet for at least 4 years and not once seen a cis person yell a trans person to kill themselves. So, of course I would complain about it. I am a cis female, and I respect trans people that don’t tell cis people they should kill themselves. But the ones I can’t stand are the ones that do that. Sure, I see cis people act hateful to them. But never to the point they say “trans people need to die.”

Just as I can’t look at feminist blogs, because most of them treat men as lesser beings and still claim to want equality.


Being cisphobic or heterophobic doesn’t make your gender or sexuality more accepting.

I accept and love all people regardless or gender or sexuality, until they’re proven to be dickwads. (as do a lot of people!!!)

But if you think hating Cis and straight people is gonna make your gender or sexuality better, I got news for you …

(Ps. I’m not Hetero)

~ The Open Minded & Open Hearted Girl

Reverse Racism, Heterophobia, Cisphobia, etc.


A million and one posts have been made about this, but I’ll say it again that it takes a whole lot of ignorance to claim that these things don’t exist.  Allow me to educate you all on the definition of racism, courtesy of Google…


Nowhere in this definition is oppression mentioned.  Not even once.  The simplest form of the definition is prejudice for or against a given race.  And if some of you racism specialists—you know who you are, the ones who constantly make derogatory comments about white people and talk about how horrible they are—aren’t prejudiced against whites, then I could just as easily say that the tree outside my window is getting up and walking away.  Racism, while it AFFECTS some races more than others, is not exclusive of any race.  You can be racist against anyone. 

And the same applies to homophobia.  Homophobia is defined in simplest terms as aversion to or prejudice against homosexuals.  Assuming that homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, et cetera all work the same etymologically, then heterophobia, cisphobia, and others do definitely exist.  It is entirely possible to hate cis people, and straight people.  Maybe that hate is less impactful in our lives, but it is equally real. 

And I shouldn’t even have to say it, but to be perfectly clear, it works with misandry too.  It simply refers to a dislike of men; nowhere is oppression mentioned in the definition.