Reverse Racism, Heterophobia, Cisphobia, etc.


A million and one posts have been made about this, but I’ll say it again that it takes a whole lot of ignorance to claim that these things don’t exist.  Allow me to educate you all on the definition of racism, courtesy of Google…


Nowhere in this definition is oppression mentioned.  Not even once.  The simplest form of the definition is prejudice for or against a given race.  And if some of you racism specialists—you know who you are, the ones who constantly make derogatory comments about white people and talk about how horrible they are—aren’t prejudiced against whites, then I could just as easily say that the tree outside my window is getting up and walking away.  Racism, while it AFFECTS some races more than others, is not exclusive of any race.  You can be racist against anyone. 

And the same applies to homophobia.  Homophobia is defined in simplest terms as aversion to or prejudice against homosexuals.  Assuming that homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, et cetera all work the same etymologically, then heterophobia, cisphobia, and others do definitely exist.  It is entirely possible to hate cis people, and straight people.  Maybe that hate is less impactful in our lives, but it is equally real. 

And I shouldn’t even have to say it, but to be perfectly clear, it works with misandry too.  It simply refers to a dislike of men; nowhere is oppression mentioned in the definition.

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say this blog makes me want to cry in joy. I'm a pansexual, genderfluid person, and I fluctuate between my biological "female" gender and sometimes I feel very "male". Both of these forms of gender expression are equally valid to me. However, since I don't identify as "trans", seeing all of the cishate on Tumblr just feels shitty, and I started wondering if there were people like me who are positive about all forms of gender expression without the hate. There is. Thank you.


god I’m so sick of “cisphobia” and “heterophobia”. It’s so stupid. I don’t care if you’re the minority it doesn’t give you any right to bash ANYONE. The “majority” should be taught not fuckin fought yknow? Like you obviously don’t need cis people to exist as non-cis or straight people to exist as nonstraight but what exactly are you gaining by beating each other up? And no I’m in no way saying that cis and straight people should be allowed to gang up on trans and queer people. I’m saying I wish both sides would fuckin stop bitching about the other and actually try to get along and get educated. Because no offense but if you don’t get along you aren’t getting anywhere with what you’re trying to get. You’re just making people hate you that way.

Also inb4 “SHUT UP CIS STRAIGHT SCUM” I’m trans male and bisexual so don’t even try to pull that card on me again. Last time I tried to say something on this topic I got attacked because people thought I was cis and straight. Well no I’m the opposite I’m just really sick of this shit being on my dashboard all the time.

Tl;dr: Hey straight and cis people, trans and queer people exist! Hey trans and queer people, straight and cis people exist! Now all of you shut up and get over yourselves and try to actually do something about your problems instead of attacking each other like toddlers who don’t want to share a toy truck together.

________phobia doesn’t exist!


Because in Tumblr’s world, discrimination’s existence is based on who is doing the discriminating.

Lol, white people are so dumb.”

Cis people should be exterminated!

Kill all men!

It’s like Tumblr is deliberately trying to be the most hypocritical shit stain on the internet. Being “oppressed” here gets one a free pass to be as prejudiced as humanly possible. Being “oppressed” here gets one a free pass to rewrite history; playing up every fault of others, while dismissing all of those done by one’s ancestors. Being “oppressed” here grants one the ability to silence those who are not “oppressed,” regardless of the validity of the sentiment.

You know what is called when any group of people is subject to prejudice, revision of history, and silenced? Oppression.